Are you looking for blackout blinds to propose to your customers, but you want to avoid products that need masonry works and  long installation time (and a lot of dirt at the customer’s house)?

Eclypser is the FIRST blind that darkens your rooms in 3 seconds

Applied directly on the glass without drilling the wall

Doesn’t spoil the aesthetics of the room

Easy installation without dirt or dust

If you were to buy a classic blackout shade for interiors, you would have to consider masonry works involving men at work to drill holes in the walls, install a product covering the fixtures that might damage the aesthetics of the house and that don’t completely darken. On the other hand, thanks to the patented system (filed and registered by DFM at the Chamber of Commerce in Rome in 2003), you can:

  • Install Eclypser shade directly on the glass avoiding to drill holes in the fixtures;
  • Easily open and close the window, which is impossible if you install roller blinds;
  • Open and close Eclypser shade from both sides in a very simple way, no
    dangerous wires hanging down and no motor installation are required;
  • Leave your guests speechless: both the elegant and harmonious aesthetic and
    Eclypser fabrics are a perfect match with the interiors;
  • Save 50% (with 99% blackout fabric) thanks to Ecobonus to get 50% back
What Experts on ECLYPSER Say
Patrizia Clementina
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Beautiful blinds, friendly staff and salesperson. The effect is certainly beautiful, much less invasive than a normal shade
Roberto Pepe
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xcellent experience at both human and qualitative level. The product is good and functional. I am really satisfied.
Ivana Iovine@username
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I am very satisfied with the blackout shades. Perfectly installed. I will recommend to friends both for availability and professionalism.
Loris Giacumbo
Leggi Tutto
xcellent product, beyond our expectations. Aesthetically beautiful and clean. Easy to use, even from both sides of the window. I am
Lino Carriero
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purchased an Eclypser blind, it was immediately very effective: good light filtering, heat hindering. We have solved a problem that would otherwise have been impossible with traditional products. The product is easy to use and clean. Courteous staff, punctual and precise service.
Salvatore Lipino
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Positive experience. High-quality product. Functional and stylish. Recommended!
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patented system

The Eclypser movement system is a European patent registered and deposited in the Chamber of Commerce in 2003 in Rome. Contact us by March 31st to have free shipping of Eclypser curtains to your home.

50% tax deduction

Falling into class 2, all Blackout fabrics have obtained the certification that allows you to obtain a 50% tax deduction for Ecobonus. Recover half of the expense thanks to tax deductions.

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…why a blinding shade ECLYPSER will change your life when at home

Eclypser interior blinds not only darken the room 99% (with Blackout fabric), but also make your room look aesthetic and are very easy to open and close.

Nothing to do with the classic shutter with a thin color and with a belt moving it (not elegant to look at). But not even with the classic indoor blackout blinds covering the entire window; to install them you even have to drill holes in the wall, so that you can make your room look aesthetic anymore.

If you like the idea of not only leaving your guests speechless, but also that of not having to call workers into the house, drill holes in walls and carry out complex masonry work, here are the 5 reasons why Eclypser is what you need.

IT DARKENS your rooms up to 99%

Eclypser blinds are, in their Blackout version, made of a special honeycomb fabric that is 99% blackout. This means that your interior will be totally protected from the sun's rays, from the overheating of the rooms caused by the sun in summer, and your privacy will also be safe.

IT MAKES your home look more aesthetic

When you show your home to your guests, they will be amazed not only by the simple and elegant handling system of Eclypser, but also because it is a product that can bring out the aesthetics of the interior. The Eclypser shades DO NOT AFFECT THE FRAME because they are installed on the glass, and thanks to a wide range of colors and shades you can match the curtain to the frame, guaranteeing a presentation that will amaze your guests. Nothing to do with a Venetian blind or the traditional roller shutter, uncomfortable and aesthetically unpleasant.

EASY TO INSTALL without holes or discomfort

Usually when you go to install a traditional blackout curtain you are forced to do masonry work. This will mean having workers in the house during the day, the noise of the drill, dust, and dirt, as well as An expensive final cost. With Eclypser you can forget about drilling, holes in the wall and complex mechanical systems: it is very easy to install, directly on the glass

IT ENSURES security at home

According to 2019 Istat surveys, "more than 3 million domestic accidents occur every year in Italy, affecting over 3.5 million people". Protecting the safety of those who live in our homes, especially children, is our fundamental task. In this sense, blinds with hanging wires or spring systems that snap suddenly can be dangerous

VERY EASY to use

Eclypser is the shade darkening your room in 3 seconds. This is because thanks to the Eclypser system, patented and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in 2003, you can open and close it from both top and bottom side, stopping it at the point you prefer with one hand. This applies to both the vertical (which opens from the bottom to the top and vice versa) and the side version (which opens from right to left and vice versa). In a few seconds you can totally darken your home, without buttons or remote controls or wires to pull
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